Study MBA in Data Management in Germany


MBA in Data Management in Germany

Study MBA in Data Management in GermanyMBA in Data Management in Germany is a very lucrative course. It is one of the most popular specialisations in MBA. In today’s time accurate analysation and management of data are crucial skills to have when it comes to establishing a business. Effective data management is integral to the success of any business. In a data management MBA one learns the skill to effectively analyse business data and information in order to make sound business decisions. The craft of data management is highly appreciated in any professional sector. Analysing corporate information helps a business predict financial and commercial trends, optimise the demands of the customer base, predict financial risks and understand the link between marketing and sales. As Germany is considered a hub of education, obtaining an MBA in data management from here  is a first choice of many students. Given its accessible education system, highly ranked universities and excellent research facilities both domestic and international students choose German universities for pursuing higher education. To know more about getting admission in MBA in data management in Germany keep on reading ahead.


Here's a crux of all you need to know about MBA in Data Management in Germany:

Name of the Program MBA in Data Management
Intakes 2 (Summer and Winter)
Duration of the Program 1 - 2 years
Language of Instruction English
Cost of the Program 10,000 EUR - 30,000 EUR
Work Experience Required Min. 1 year
GMAT/GRE Requirement Varies with University
English Proficiency TOEFL or IELTS
German Proficiency Recommended
Cost of Living in Germany 700 EUR - 1700 EUR
Interview Time 30 - 60 minutes (if applicable)

Why Study MBA in Data Management in Germany?

Students naturally gravitate towards Germany when thinking of pursuing higher education, given its world renowned universities. If you too are thinking about pursuing MBA in data management then here are six reasons as to why you should consider Germany as your choice of school:

  • Diversity: German universities provide a diverse student culture as they are home to many international students. With a diverse student body one has the opportunity to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.

  • Rich Heritage: Germany is home to a number of renowned museums, heritage sites, art galleries and concert halls. One would have the opportunity to explore these places of universal significance while studying here.

  • Affordable Living: In comparison to other European countries, Germany is quite affordable. One can easily manage a comfortable living with a monthly expense ranging from 800 EUR -1000 EUR.

  • Low Tuition Fee: One can practically study free in Germany with public universities offering no tuition fee. Although public universities do charge an administrative fee.

  • Scholarships: Germany provides numerous scholarship opportunities to students who wish to pursue higher education from German universities. With scholarships to aid one financially students can study without any monetary burden upon them.

  • Career Opportunities: Germany is a strong economy and therefore there is never a shortage of jobs here. Students will find plenty of high-paying jobs here after their degree completion.

Top Universities for MBA in Data Management in Germany

Germany has many highly-ranked universities that offer a MBA with a specialisation in data management. Before applying to any university be sure to check your eligibility for MBA in data management in Germany.

Universities/ Business School Ranking (Germany) Location/City
IU International University of Applied Sciences # 271 Berlin

Eligibility Criteria 

Students must meet the usual entrance requirements for universities in order to be considered for enrollment in MBA in Data Management in Germany. Check the following items off your list:

  • Students are required to hold a bachelor's degree in Business Communication or Data management or a degree that is equivalent from a reputable university.

  • In order to graduate with a bachelor's degree, students are required to choose science or business as their primary areas of study.

  • In order to go to the next level of the bachelor's degree, students need to have a minimum score of 50 percent and no backlogs.

  • Students who are currently enrolled in their last year of the bachelor's degree are eligible to submit applications for the MBA in Data Management in Germany.

  • Students are required to demonstrate a proficiency level of the English language by achieving a certain score on a standard English examination such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

  • If necessary, you should administer an entrance exam such as the GRE.

  • There are several universities that need prior professional experience.

  • Students are required to have a recommendation letter and a statement of purpose that details their objectives, education, and other relevant information.

Documents Required 

Students who wish to earn an MBA in Data Management in Germany are obligated to satisfy the necessary document requirements. An applicant needs to be in possession of the following documents in order to be considered for both a degree and a visa at the same time.

An official transcript of each and every educational credential. If necessary, it will be translated.

  • A valid passport and photos of 4-5 millimeters square each.

  • A letter of acceptance was supplied by the university.

  • Recommendation letter and statement of purpose.

  • If applicable, a letter describing your prior experience.

  • Substantiation that there are monies in an account.

  • Evaluation rubric for English language skills.

  • The application for a visa.

  • There will be both a digital and physical copy of each document.

  • A certificate granting medical clearance.

  • Receipts for the payment of university fees.

Admission Procedure 

You will need the assistance of an expert consultant in order to be accepted into German universities to pursue MBA in Data Management in Germany. The following is an overview of the admissions process that Anigdha can assist you with:

  • After you have our counselors perform a profile evaluation on you and share your needs with us, we will present solutions that are tailored to your situation.

  • Please provide us with a list of German colleges offering MBA in Data Management in Germany so that our counselors can apply on your behalf with all of the necessary documents and other information.

  • We will help you prepare for English proficiency examinations so that you can apply to master's programs. We have highly qualified instructors for English proficiency examinations such as the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

  • Our group will send in the necessary paperwork and apply to universities. The university will send you a letter of acceptance that they have prepared for you.

  • For the purpose of ensuring that your objectives are articulated in a clear manner, we are also able to assist you with the development of statements of purpose for applications to universities and visas.

  • We will walk you through the entire process of applying for a visa, including the interview (if one is required). To ensure that you have a positive experience throughout the process, we will prepare you for an interview.


Students who are interested in applying for an MBA in Data Management in Germany are required to have knowledge about intakes and application deadlines. The majority of public and private colleges and universities accept students during the summer and winter terms respectively. The application deadline for the summer admission is tentatively in mid-January, while the application deadline for the winter intake is tentatively in mid-July. It is essential to submit an application for admission to the university at least two weeks in advance of the deadline for the university to evaluate your application. Additionally, entry is granted on a "first come, first served" basis; hence, you should submit your application as soon as humanly possible.

Course Duration 

Most MBAs in Data Management in German universities last for about 2 years. Most universities offer a full-time program while some may even offer part-time courses. It is advised to check each university’s website specifically if you want to know more about the kind of course provided.

Medium of Instruction 

Instruction for students pursuing a MBA in Data Management in Germany is delivered in English. Therefore, students from other countries who wish to pursue their master's degrees in Germany must demonstrate their English language skills. Standardized tests must be passed to demonstrate that applicants have a sufficient level of English ability.

Language Proficiency Requirements

The following are the barebones requirements to pass the standard English exam:

  • IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System and has band scores ranging from 6.5 to 7.

  • Score between 90 and 100 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

  • PTE 70

Tuition Fees

With an incredibly accessible and affordable education system Germany is the first choice of school for many students. Below are the details regarding the fee structure of MBA in data management courses from different German universities.

Universities/ Business School Course Name Duration Tuition Fees (in EUR)
IU International University of Applied Sciences MBA in Big Data Management 18 Months 6,876


Here are some scholarships students can avail for MBA in Data Management in Germany:

Scholarship Names listed Aid Provided
DAAD Scholarship Total MBA academic costs
ESMT MBA Scholarships 1000 EUR - 5000 EUR
Frankfurt School MBA Scholarships 25% of the entire MBA expenditure


Is an MBA in Data Management in Germany difficult?


MBA with a specialisation in data management can prove to be challenging at times as one needs to deal with large financial and corporate data. But largely the difficulty level is dependent on a student’s aptitude.

Is an MBA in Data Management in Germany taught in English?


Yes, most MBA courses in Germany are available in English so international students will have no problems in understanding academic instructions.

Can I pursue an MBA in Data Management from a German university online?


Yes, one can pursue an MBA in data management remotely. The course is also available on a full time and part time basis. The duration for each option may vary.

What are the prerequisites for pursuing an MBA in Data Management from Germany?


For getting into an MBA program in a German university one needs to have obtained a minimum of 50 percent marks in their bachelors, and have a minimum one year of work experience.

Can international students work while pursuing an MBA in Data Management in Germany?


Yes, international students are allowed to work for either 120 full days in a year or 240 half days.

What is the difference between an MBA in Data Management and an MBA in Data Science?


Data science is a part of data management. An MBA in data management teaches about the management of corporate information while an MBA in data science deals with the technical application of the data collected.

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