Study Business Analytics in Germany


Study Business Analytics in Germany 

Study Business Analytics in GermanyBusiness Analytics in Germany is an undergraduate program that deals with disciplines and technologies that resolve business issues. In this program, the students learn data analysis, structural data, and statistical models that use meaningful information from data for decision-making. Experts with business analytics use past and present data to refine information with technology and use it for business decision-making. Bachelors in business analytics experts are useful in different industries to make data-driven decisions. Germany has a strong economy and job market due to its flourishing industries. These leading companies hire business analytics experts to help business growth. Germany can be a great option to pursue bachelors in business analytics as they can provide industry exposure and opportunities to work. If you are planning to take admission to German universities, this guide can be helpful.

Program Study Business Analytics in Germany
Course Duration 3 to 5 years
Language of Instruction Primarily German for Bachelors, rarely English (for private institutions)
Tuition Fees Free in Public Universities
Living Cost in Germany 700-1000 EUR per month
Other Fees Around 50,000 EUR per annum
Sessions Summer and Winter

Why Study Business Analytics in Germany?

Germany provides a wide range of facilities that attract international students to study in the country. We have enlisted some of the reasons:

  • Up-to-date curriculum: German universities make sure their quality of education is upgraded. They regularly update their curriculum to ensure students are industry-ready and have enough skills to survive in the market.

  • Leading industries: Germany is home to some of the leading industries of the world such as BMW, Volkswagen, DHL, etc. These industries offer internship and job opportunities to fresh graduates in Germany. So, international students have a chance to explore and gain work opportunities.

  • World-recognized degrees: The public universities offering free study in Germany have a quality of education that is recognized by the world leaders. Degrees are globally recognized ensuring students can work across the globe with degrees from German universities.

  • World-class faculty: Educators offering lectures and providing education to students are Well-experienced and have experience in the field. Moreover, there are regular guest lectures from industry leaders in Germany allowing students to learn from the best faculty.

  • Job market: Germany has some of the most flourishing job markets due to many leading industries and the global economy. International students can find part-time and full-time work opportunities in the market to survive living expenses.

  • Affordable education: International students can study free in Germany in public universities for bachelors in business analytics. This reduces the financial burden and you can live in Germany with part-time job opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Bachelor in Business Analytics course at German universities, students must meet specific criteria. These are:

  • The students must have 12 years of proper schooling and an extra year of preparatory course for their selection process.

  • The students have to complete the 10th and 12th examinations from a recognized Institute, and the minimum CGPA required is 8.5.

  • Most universities use the German language to teach bachelor courses, and the minimum proficiency required in the German language is B2 or C1 Level.

  • Many universities offer courses in the English language, and the students need to prove their English efficiency by taking proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL

Language of Instruction

The bachelor's degree program in business analytics at German universities is delivered in the following language of instruction:

  • German: Most German universities use German to teach all bachelor's programs, and the students need to effectively know German to be eligible for the course. The proficiency required in the German language to be eligible for the course is B2 or C1 Level. International students are recommended to take a one-year preparatory course in the German language that will make them eligible to take the course and also allow them to have proper knowledge of the German language.

  • English: Universities also offer courses in the English language and the student proficiency test in English to be eligible for the bachelor's in business analytics course from Germany. These tests are:

    1. IELTS: Minimum score of 6.5 to 7.

    2. TOEFL: Minimum Score of 90% to 100%

Deadlines / Intake

German universities have two session deadlines every year. These are:

Session Description Deadline
Summer Session The summer session is a common application session in which German students apply. 15th of January
Winter Session The winter session is an appropriate session for international students to apply. If you are applying for the winter session, applying a year in advance is recommended for better chances of selection. 15th of July

A few universities can also have different application deadlines. To know the exact date, visit the university's official website and check the information accordingly.

Documents Required

The necessary documents you have to submit to take the bachelors program from Germany are:

Pass Certificates of 12th CV and Experience Details
Recommendation Letter Enrollment Certificates
German Proficiency Test Results Statement of Purpose
English Proficiency Test Results Application Fee Receipt
Application Form Copy Admission Fee Receipt
Financial Reports Medical Details
Passport Visa

Fees Structure

The bachelor's program in Germany is relatively less expensive, and the universities have a reasonable tuition fee that they charge. The details of fees are:

  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: One of the best universities in Germany for the bachelor's in business analytics course, they have a tuition fee of EUR 30,000.

  • RWTH Aachen University: They are also a very good University with a fee of EUR 1130.

  • University of Bayreuth: The tuition fee to study at the university is EUR 300.

  • The Humboldt University of Berlin: It is also a famous university with a tuition fee of EUR 315.


Students taking up a bachelor's program from a German university are eligible to get many scholarships. These are:

  • Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International: The amount payable for the scholarship is EUR 1450 monthly.

  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship: The amount of money given at the scholarship is EUR 850 each month.

  • Erasmus Scholarship Program in Germany: The students are given all tuition fees and monthly allowances.

  • DAAD Scholarship Germany: The students are given the amount of tuition fees and travel allowances.

Top Universities 

Germany has many world-renowned universities offering bachelors in business analytics. We have shortlisted some of the options that you can check:

  • Frankfurt School of finance and management

  • Hochschule Albstadt-sigmaringen

  • Technical University Ilmenau, Ilmenau

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe

Admission Procedure 

To enroll in the bachelor's program at the University of Germany, students need to follow a specific admission procedure. These are:

  • Contact Anigdha: We have the best team to guide you through the overall admission process and help you gain admission at your favorite University.

  • Select the university: Search and select the best university that is appropriate for you to take the bachelor's in business analytics course and choose the university appropriate per your career goals.

  • Apply: Complete the application process and submit the application fee properly.

  • Passport and Visa: The Passport and Visa are mandatory for international students, making them eligible to take bachelor courses from German universities.

Connect with Anigdha if you face any problems during the admission process at German universities, as we have the best team to guide you through the entire process and help you get admission at your favorite University.


Do bachelors in business analytics include coding and math?


No! You do not need extensive coding or math in business analytics, but it's always an added advantage and will have you in too many complexities. However, it's not mandatory to know coding and math for business analytics.

What are the prerequisites for bachelors in business analytics?


To study bachelors in business analytics, you must have a 2.5+ GPA in subjects like accounts, business, economics, computers, etc., in high school (10+2).

Is it difficult to pursue bachelors in business analytics?


No! The course business analytics is as easy and difficult as other courses. If you understand practical concepts clearly, you can work on theory and become successful in the field.

Where are bachelors in business analytics applicable?


The application of business analytics is vast in different industries such as human resources, CRM- customer relationship manager, manufacturing, finance, credit card companies, etc.

What are the branches of business analytics?


The branches of business analytics include descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and diagnostic analytics.

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