MBA in Russia: Admission, Fees, Colleges, Eligibility


Study MBA in Russia for Indian Students

MBA in RussiaMBA in Russia is one of the most demanding courses in the world. Russia is a perfect destination for you to take your higher education because of the low expenses and reasonable tuition fees of the courses. Students with unstable financial backgrounds can easily complete their higher education in Russia because of its benefits. Many international students, especially Indian students, are taking their Higher Education courses in Russia and are having the best experiences. The education system of Russia is changing every day, and new technological advancements are initiated in the system every year. Apart from that, the climatic conditions in Russia are also very suitable for you, and the rich culture and diversity make it an ideal destination for you to get your MBA degree. Dandiya courses are very effective and the country has the best faculty to teach MBA courses to the students. The courses in Russia will cover innovative subjects, and you will have proper knowledge about the MBA courses in Russia.

Why Study MBA in Russia?

Here are a few reasons that justify why Russia is one of the top study-abroad destinations in the world for MBA aspirants:

  • Knowledge about countries culture: Studying MBA in Russia provides students with the medium to get knowledge about the country's culture and the opportunities it brings for business.

  • Helps in getting the required skills: MBA programs in Russia help provide students with the most required skills that are required for leadership positions in Russia and even other nearby countries.

  • Affordable Courses: They are quite affordable compared to many other universities from the USA, Canada, and the UK. Training levels here are quite cheaper than many other institutions on the west side.

  • Good Laboratories: Russian MBA colleges are highly equipped with laboratories, which provide the best study facilities. They make students available with fully comfortable study environments.

  • Special discounts: Students who are pursuing an MBA in Russian colleges get special discounts on public transport for visiting museums, concert halls, libraries, parks, and many other public facilities.

  • Diploma facility: Russian studying students can receive a dual diploma, a Russian diploma, as well as a diploma from a European University as signed by Russia.

Intake/ Deadline

Most of the top universities in Russia follow only one application intake deadline, which is the September intake. You need to submit all your applications by the end of September. Few universities also follow the February intake, but the number of these universities is very low.

Medium of Instruction

The most preferred means of instruction in Russia is the English language. It is perfect for international students to take their courses in the English language, which makes it easy for them to complete their program in a foreign country. The students must have proper English language skills to take their MBA course efficiently in Russia.

Eligibility Criteria

A student needs to fulfill certain criteria to be able to get admission to an MBA degree course in Russia. These include:

  • A student should have completed a degree of bachelors. Also, they must have retained 14 to 16 years of education.

  • A student needs to be able to prove themself as efficient in the English language by taking a few tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

  • If in case students have not taken these two tests, then to get an MBA college in Russia, they even have the option of an English language interview. This could also be conducted on Skype.

Documents Required

The list of documents that a candidate must have to get admission to Russian universities are as follows:

  • Valid bachelor's degree

  • Proof of Identity

  • Bank statements for about 6 months

  • At Least 6 to 8 passport-size photos

  • Original passport

  • Admission letter from the university

  • Paid receipt of fee receipt of the university as proof of payment of tuition fees

  • Medical health insurance

  • HIV negative health test certificate

Course Duration

The duration for your MBA degree in Russia is for a total of two years. You will have four semesters to complete your course. You need to take exams after every semester of study.

Fees Structure

The fee structure for an MBA in Russia is given below:

Name of Business Schools Ranking
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MOSCOW. 796038 RUB
St. Petersburg University-Graduate School Of Management, St. Petersburg, Russia. 651655 RUB
International Institute of Management LINK. Business school 871731 RUB
State University of Management-Higher Business School. 660,000 RUB
Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg, Russia 651655 RUB
Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School. 508061 RUB
Stockholm School of Economics - Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia 4141803 RUB
IMISP International Management Institute St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia 651655 RUB
MIRBIS – Moscow Business School, Moscow, Russia 318096 RUB
Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia 155100 RUB

Top Universities

For pursuing an MBA, the list of well-known universities in Russia is given below:

Name of Business Schools Ranking
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MOSCOW. 1001
St. Petersburg University-Graduate School Of Management, St. Petersburg, Russia. 25
International Institute of Management LINK. Business school 7
State University of Management-Higher Business School. 401
Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg, Russia 29
Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School. 123
Stockholm School of Economics - Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia 399
IMISP International Management Institute St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia 1
MIRBIS – Moscow Business School, Moscow, Russia 10
Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia 396
Moscow University Touro, Moscow, Russia 365
Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS Business School) 7
The American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) 2
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia 791
Kaliningrad International Business Institute (KIBS), Kaliningrad, Russia 877

Admission Procedure

Below is a list of the different steps you will need to take to get admission to a Russian university. We will also shed some light on the role of Anigdha as an overseas education consultant in helping you get the best study abroad experiences:

  • Contact us: Connecting with Anigdha will be a very effective option for you. We will provide you with top-class facilities to get admitted to the best university, which is perfect for the MBA program in Russia. We have a team of individuals who understand the process very well and provide you with good service.

  • Select the University: Choosing the university from which you want to complete your MBA course in Russia will be difficult for you. There will be various options, and researching will be difficult for the students. We will research for you and provide a list of universities that are perfect for you and your capabilities.

  • Documents: You must submit a list of documents to the university to make you eligible for the course. We will provide proper help to you in getting the documents.

  • Apply: Complete the application process after you select your University. Submit the application form and then pay the application fee.

  • Other Process: If your University wants you to follow additional processes, then understand them and complete the requirements. We will help you understand the additional requirements and assist you in fullfilling them.

  • Visa: Global students need to provide a correct visa to the university. Do you have a problem with your visa? We have your back with all the specifics.

MBA Specializations in Russia

Universities in Russia offer various other MBA courses with general MBA; these courses include:

  • Finance and Accounting (Dual)

  • Marketing and Finance

  • Real estate management

  • Data Science

  • Blockchain Management

  • Digital Marketing 

  • AI and Machine Learning (Dual)

  • Marketing and Sales (Dual)

  • Direct Selling Management

  • Biotechnology Management

  • Hospital Administration

  • Quality Management

  • General Management

  • Public Policy 

  • Oil and Gas Management

  • Sports Management

  • Marketing and HR management

  • Data science and analytics management

  • System and Operations

  • Logistics and Supply

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Production and Operation (Dual)

  • Digital Entrepreneurship

  • International Finance

  • Forensics and Accounting

  • Business Management

  • Infrastructure Management 

  • IT and Fintech (Dual)

  • Food Technology Management

  • Advertising and Branding (Dual)

  • Digital Marketing E-Commerce (Dual)

  • Family-Managed Business

  • HRM and Finance (Dual)

  • Data Science

  • Pharmaceutical Management

  • HR Analytics

  • Tourism Management

  • Project Management

  • Hospitality Management

  • Operations Management

  • Healthcare Management

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Banking and insurance

  • Finance and Leadership

  • International Business

  • Business Analytics

  • Financial Markets

  • Agri-Business

  • Business intelligence and AI

  • Finance Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Waste Management

  • Power Management

  • International Marketing

  • Investment Banking Equity

  • HR Management

Learn the Russian Language Before MBA in Russia

You don't have to learn the Russian language to complete an MBA program in Russia. Your course will completely be in the English language and you are not required to know Russian. Learning the Russian language will be beneficial for you to live and study in Russia.

MBA in Russia without GMAT

You don't need a GMAT result to take your MBA course in Russia. You are eligible to take the MBA program without any entrance test result. If you want to take the GMAT exam, it will be an additional skill for you.

Work Experience Requirement

MBA degrees allow you to become an all-rounder business graduate, not just make you an expert only in one area. Many MBA schools either require a certain age of the candidate who's trying to apply or a certain amount of work experience that's usually 2 to 4 years. It's because MBA prepares you for the next very big step for your future. Of course, this varies from university to university!

Jobs Prospects After MBA in Russia

Here are the jobs that one can get after pursuing an MBA in Russia:

Job Title Job Description

Business Manager or Administrator
The top job opportunity that you will get after completing your MBA degree in Russia is for a business manager. The job of the business administrator also falls under a similar category, and you can get the opportunity. You will get a good salary package for the job of a business manager.
Financial Analyst You can also get a job as a financial analyst in Russia after your MBA course. It is a job opportunity of a finance manager where you have to manage the financial expenses and costs of a company and keep records of the business.
Marketing Manager Another top-quality job opportunity that is most effective for an MBA student after the MBA course in Russia is of a marketing manager. Marketing is a very essential concept of Business. If you get a job as a marketing manager, then you have to efficiently market the services and products of the business you are working for.
Consultant You can also get the job of a consultant with your MBA degree, where you have to work as a business consultant or a market consultant for the company. You need to consult innovative ideas to the business and help them to perform well.
HR Manager Another top-quality job opportunity with the best salary is a human resource manager. You will get great HR jobs after your MBA degree in Russia, and you will have to manage the workers working in the particular company. The job of an HR manager is highly reputable and requires great knowledge..
Entrepreneurship Many students complete their MBA in Russia to understand business and work as entrepreneurs. If you want to take up a career opportunity in business and start your own business, then you can complete your MBA degree in Russia and establish your own business.

Cost of Living in Russia

The cost of living while pursuing an MBA in Russia is given below:

Factors Average cost
Accommodation 15,000 – 20,000 RUB per month
Transportation cost 280 – 300 RUB per month
Household bills 5,000 – 8,000 RUB per month
Miscellaneous expenses 4,000 – 5,000 RUB per month
Food and groceries 8,000 – 20,000 RUB per month


Scholarships for students pursuing an MBA in Russia are listed below:

Scholarship name Benefits by scholarship
Government of Russian Federation Scholarship Free tuition, Student Accommodation, Maintenance allowance
Open Doors-Russian Scholarship Project Complete tuition fees
HSE University Scholarships 25-100% of tuition fees
BP in Russia Research Scholarships RUB 15,000-30,000 per month
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Tuition or cost of accommodation is covered
Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Olympic Scholarships Program Cover tuition, accommodation, and a monthly stipend

Visa Requirements

International applicants who study in Russia need a visa. Visas can be obtained by contacting the Russian Embassy. You need certain documents to get your visa. These are:

Documents required

  • First-year Tuition Deposit

  • Valid international passport

  • Certificate of HIV with HIV-negative status.

  • Original Educational certificates

  • Birth certificate (hard copy)

  • Ten photographs 4*6 cm

  • Official study invitation (Approved by the Migration Department of Russia)

  • OK TO BOARD letter (For on-arrival visa applicants only)

  • COVID-19 PCR negative test is required which every foreign student must bring with him/her OR a Vaccination Certificate

  • A copy of the original official invitation letter from the university

  • Visa application form

  • The latest passport-size photograph


Is an MBA from a Russian university worth it?


As said, Russian universities are quite more affordable than any other country. The level of training at their universities is way better than any other educational institution on the West Side.

Is an MBA degree from Russia valid in India?


Yes, MBA degrees taken by any college in Russia are valid in India. With this degree, you can get work in any part of the world without any issues.

Which language is used while teaching in Russia?


The medium of education in Russian institutes is the English language. Even these days, many universities are attempting to teach all courses in English language.

Is IELTS necessary for Russia?


Degrees in Russia are available even without taking this exam. However, if the language of instruction applicable to your degree is English, you will have to appear for a university English test. Few universities will ask for IELTS or TOEFL English proficiency exams.

What are the advantages of studying in Russia?


The main advantage of studying in Russia is its affordability, the benefits of scholarships, and the job opportunities that they bring for their students.

Do I need to take any other examination apart from GMAT for entrance?


No, the students are required to take the GMAT exam. If you have cleared his examination, you will be all set to get admission to the university of your choice.

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