Study MBA in Digital Business in Germany


MBA in Digital Business in Germany

Study MBA in Digital Business in GermanyMBA in Digital Business in Germany is an attractive course. Numerous students from all over the world opt for this degree in order to take their professional qualifications to the next level. There is no surprise in the fact that in today’s world the key to success for any business is its ability to adapt to the changing digital scene. Being updated with the technological advancements in the IT sector is a must for the success of any enterprise. Therefore to become a part of this dynamic workspace one needs to be adept in and have a functional knowledge of necessary digital skills. An MBA in Digital Business provides you with the skills required to succeed in the commercial digital space and related fields. During the course of this degree one would learn about the latest technologies and how they can be employed to establish and manage a digital business. As a hub of technology Germany is naturally everyone’s first choice of school when it comes to pursuing a technical degree. To know more about getting admission in MBA in Digital Business in Germany, keep on reading ahead.


Here's a crux of all you need to know about MBA in Digital Business in Germany:

Name of the Program MBA in Digital Business
Intakes 2 (Summer and Winter)
Duration of the Program 1 - 2 years
Language of Instruction English
Cost of the Program 10,000 EUR - 30,000 EUR
Work Experience Required Min. 1 year
GMAT/GRE Requirement Varies with University
English Proficiency TOEFL or IELTS
German Proficiency Recommended
Cost of Living in Germany 700 EUR - 1700 EUR
Interview Time 30 - 60 minutes (if applicable)

Why Study MBA in Digital Business in Germany?

Germany is an excellent choice for anyone looking to pursue higher education in STEM courses. Not only does it have excellent universities to offer but a great environment as well. Here are six reasons as to why you should consider pursuing MBA in Digital Business from Germany:

  • Affordable Tuition: The cost of tuition in Germany is relatively lower than in other universities around the world. Public universities charge no tuition fees, although they do levy administrative fees.

  • Quality of Living: Germany ranks consistently high when it comes to the standard of living. With excellent air quality, an accessible healthcare system and an affordable education system, Germany is a dream to live in.

  • Rich Culture: Germany has a very rich heritage. With an incredible museum and art scene, one will be exposed to world renowned museums, art galleries and concert halls while studying here.

  • Research Exposure: German universities are very research oriented. Therefore while studying at a German university one gets access to a curriculum that is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

  • Job Prospects: As a strong manufacturing economy Germany has excellent job prospects for all. One would have access to top-notch jobs with excellent pay while here.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Germany provides numerous scholarship opportunities for students who wish to study here. These scholarships are often funded either by the government or private research organisations.

Top Universities for MBA in Digital Business in Germany

Germany is an excellent country to pursue MBA from. Here are some of the universities that offer an MBA with a specialisation in digital business. Before applying be sure to check your eligibility for MBA in digital business in Germany:

Universities / Business School Ranking Location/City
EU Business School - Munich

Eligiblity Criteria

Students have to fulfill specific criteria to be eligible to pursue an MBA in digital business:

  • Degree in Bachelor: Students must have completed a graduation degree with a duration of 3 to 4 years.

  • Masters or diploma: students are required to have a diploma of 2 to 3 years, or they must have completed their master's program.

  • Passport: A student needs to have a passport or visa at the time of application.

  • Experience: Students should have one year of work experience in a relevant field. It is the requirement of the majority of universities in Germany.

  • Language: Students must have a proficiency certificate in English or German. IELTS 6.5+ bands or TOEFL 90-100 bands is the minimum score that needs to be obtained by the student.

  • Exam requirements: Students should have a minimum 300 score on the GRE and a 500 score on the GMAT exam.

  • Interview session: Students need to pass the interview section that is conducted by various universities to check their personalities.

These are some important criteria that need to be fulfilled by the student to become eligible for an MBA in digital business.

Documents Required

Some basic documents need to be submitted by students pursuing an MBA in digital business:

  • Bachelor's Degree Marksheet and Completion Certificate

  • Photograph (passport size)

  • Resume or CV (work experience proof)

  • Master Degree Marksheet and Completion Certificate

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • IELTS or TOEFL (language proficiency certification)

  • Prior Education Grades Transcript

  • Recognized Passport

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Proof of GRE or GMAT

Students need to check the list of documents on the official website of the desired university.

Admission Procedure

Students are expected to have all the necessary information related to admission procedures.

  • Research: Students must have information about the scholarship and living costs in Germany. Anigdha team members resolve all the student's doubts and provide counseling to them.

  • University preference: It is important to choose the university as per the program. Our team members can assist students in shortlisting the most suitable university for pursuing an MBA in digital business.

  • Documents: The university requires various documents at the time of the admission process. The Anigdha team assists students in submitting all the required documents for the application.

  • Application: Anigdha has experts who help students with their applications for admission to a desirable university.

  • Confirmation mail: You will receive a confirmation email, through which you can proceed with the further admission procedures.


The intake deadline for all the MBA courses in Germany are similar, and the details of the intake of MBA in Digital Business are:

  • Summer Intake

    1. Starting session: April

    2. End session: July or August

    3. Deadline: January

  • Winter Intake

    1. Starting session: September or October

    2. End session: February or March

    3. Deadline: July

Candidates should check the official website of their desired university to apply before the deadline.

Course Duration 

The general course duration of all the MBA courses in Germany is similar, and the details of the MBA in Digital Business in Germany are:

  • The general time duration to complete an MBA digital business program is around 1 to 2 years.

  • 18 months to 24 months is the expected time duration to pursue an MBA in digital business.

Language of Instruction

The details of the language of instruction that the German universities follow for the MBA in Digital Business course are:

  • You must have good English communication skills. Moreover, this course is offered in both languages at the University of Germany.

  • Candidates must have proficiency certifications like IELTS or TOEFL in English.

  • B1 or C1-level certification is necessary for choosing the German language.

Language Proficiency

The students must prove their language proficiency to take the MBA programs, and the details are:

  • International English Language Test (IELTS): 6.5 Bands

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): 90–100 Bands

Tuition Fees

Due to its affordable education system there are many public German universities that offer study free in Germany MBA programs. Here are the details regarding tuition fees for MBA in digital business in Germany:

Universities Name Course Name Duration Tuition Fees Per semester
EU Business School, Munich MBA in Digital Business Full Time - 3 semesters or 1 year Part Time : 2 years or 6 terms 6.950 Euro


The students taking the course will be eligible for a particular scholarship, and these are:

  • Yes, scholarships are available for students studying for an MBA in digital business.

  • Public universities in Germany provide scholarship programs at no cost.

  • Students can avail of these scholarships based on excellence in academics, merit, or being fully funded.

Explore Scholarships Providers of financial aid
DAAD German Government
ESMT MBA Scholarship University
Erasmus Scholarship program in Germany German Government
Frankfort school MBA Scholarship University


Is an MBA in Digital Business in Germany challenging?


No, an MBA in Digital Business in Germany is not at all challenging. In fact it is quite interesting and students who are inclined towards sectors like digital marketing will enjoy it thoroughly.

What is the work policy like for international students studying MBA in Digital Business in Germany?


International students are allowed to work for either 120 full days or 240 half days per year while pursuing higher education at a German university.

Can I pursue an MBA in Digital Business from a German university online?


Yes many German universities offer MBA in Digital Business with an option to pursue the course online. Depending upon the option one chooses your course duration can vary.

What are the requirements for enrolling into an MBA program for Digital Business in Germany?


As a prerequisite to pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing one needs to have scored at least 50 percent in their bachelors and should have a minimum of one year of work experience.

Do I need to be proficient in German to pursue an MBA in Digital Business in Germany?


No, being proficient in German is not mandatory to pursue an MBA in Digital Business in Germany. Almost all German universities offer MBA courses in English.

Are MBA graduates with a specialisation in Digital Business in high demand in German?


Yes, MBA graduates with a specialisation in Digital Business are highly sought-after due to the growing e-commerce sector.

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