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Study Area Planning Engineering in GermanyArea Planning Engineering in Germany prepares students for the construction and service sector. This four-year undergraduate program focuses on urban designing and planning, design paradigms, and urban segregation from an engineering perspective. An area planning engineer is a professional who is responsible for the overall design of an urban or rural area. He/she must consider a variety of factors when designing an area, such as population density, land use, and transportation networks. Area Planning Engineering program graduates can design sustainable communities that meet the needs of residents and advance society. Their knowledge and skills can contribute to creating environmentally friendly infrastructure, promoting social equity, and improving the quality of life for all. They do this by incorporating their expertise into urban planning and development projects to ensure sustainable and inclusive outcomes.

Program Area Planning Engineering in Germany
Course Duration 3 to 5 years
Language of Instruction Primarily German for Bachelors, rarely English (for private institutions)
Tuition Fees Free in Public Universities
Living Cost in Germany 700-1000 EUR per month
Other Fees Around 50,000 EUR per annum
Sessions Summer and Winter

Why Study Area Planning Engineering in Germany?

Area planning engineers play a key role in the development of cities and towns. They are responsible for studying and understanding the needs of a community and then designing a plan that meets those needs. Engineers in Germany are among the most skilled in the world. Therefore, those interested in studying this field should consider Germany. Furthermore, students can enroll in the free study in Germany for Area Planning Engineering programs.

Do you ever wonder why so many students are flocking to this small but alluring country? Here are six reasons to choose Germany as your international study destination.

  • Excellent Education System: Germany has one of the best education systems in the world, and it is ranked 5th overall by the World Economic Forum. The universities offer a wide variety of courses and programs, and they are known for their rigorous academic standards. The faculty at German engineering schools are highly qualified and experienced professionals who will teach you everything you need to know about the field of engineering. They will also help prepare you for your future career paths.

  • Beautiful Country with Great Culture: Germany is a beautiful country with a rich culture that offers something for everyone. From its thriving cities to its stunning countryside, there is plenty to see and do in Germany.

  • Friendly and Welcoming People: Germans are known for being warm, friendly, and welcoming people. They will make you feel at home immediately and help you get settled into your new surroundings.

  • Affordable Cost of Living: One of the great things about studying in Germany is that it is very affordable compared to other countries and allows students to study free in Germany. Expenses such as tuition, rent, food, and transportation are very reasonable compared to other destinations worldwide.

  • Safe and Peaceful Country: Germany is a safe and peaceful country with few crime rates. You can feel assured that you will be safe here while you pursue your studies.

  • Freedom to choose a preferred field: In this course, students can specialize in a variety of areas. The studies include urban planning, environmental planning, and transportation planning.

Eligibility Criteria

Following eligibility criteria is a primary look out for you while taking the Area Planning Engineering course from the German Universities. These are:

  • You should have a 10+2 certificate.

  • A minimum 8.5 CGPA is required to be eligible for admission, and top universities in Germany call for higher marks.

  • You must have a one-year preparatory course that helps you study to get ready for a bachelor's degree program at German universities.

  • A letter of recommendation from the school's professor is essential.

  • You have to present a statement of purpose, including your details, educational details, and your intention behind pursuing this course at a German university.

  • German universities have English and German as language of instruction for that, you must have proficiency in German and English by acquiring B2 or C1 levels for German and TOEFL or IELTS for English.

Language of Instruction 

In Germany, the majority of universities offer this course in German. There are various other universities that also offer this course in English.

  • To have German as a language of instruction, you must have proficiency in the German language by acquiring a B2 or C1 level certification in the language.

  • If you want English as the language of instruction, Then, you have to prove your proficiency in English by acquiring an IELTS or TOEFL passing certification.

  • For IELTS, the minimum criteria for a score is 6.5-7 bands, and for TOEFL, you should have a 90-100 score.


Students should be familiar with the deadlines of their respective universities from their official websites. In general, there are two admissions sessions at German universities. It is a summer and winter session. You should apply to a German university for planning an engineering program before the deadline. The deadline for the winter session is 15 July, and the deadline for the summer session is 15 January.

Documents Required

There is a list of documents that the university will want you to submit at the proper time to be eligible for the course. These documents are:

Certificates Required

- 10+2 High School certificate

- Enrollment

- Medical certificate

- German and English language proficiency, GRE Score certificate

- Experience

Important Documents

- SOP or Statement of Purpose

- Letter of Recommendation

- Academic Transcript and Application Copy

- Income Proof

- Valid Passport

- Student VISA

Fees Structure 

Germany is a center of attraction for international students due to its low tuition fees. Public universities in Germany Provide qualitative education for free. There are other expenses you have to bear, around £100-£500, related to administration fees.

Technical University of Applied Science 1500-3000 EUR per semester
University of Stuttgart 1500 per semester
Technical University of Berlin (winter session) 113 EUR per semester
RWTH Aachen University 1132 EUR per month
Technical University of Dortmund 299 EUR per semester


There are a number of scholarships for international students studying in Germany. Government scholarships are offered by the German government and are usually aimed at students from countries with which Germany has a bilateral agreement. The amount and duration of the scholarship vary depending on your country of origin and level of study. In addition, universities in Germany often offer their own scholarships to international students. These scholarships can be either merit-based or needs-based and can range in value from a few hundred euros to a full tuition waiver. Finally, there are also numerous private scholarship funds available to international students in Germany. These funds usually award money based on academic achievement or financial need.

There are a variety of scholarships available in Germany for students seeking to obtain a bachelors degree. The following is a list of some of the most popular scholarships offered to international students:

  • Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

  • Oskar Karl Foster Scholarship

  • RWTH Aachen University Scholarships

  • Delta Phi Alpha Scholarships

  • Heidelberg University Scholarships

  • DAAD Bavarian Government Scholarship

  • Erasmus Scholarship Programs

  • The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

  • Beatrice S. Demers Foreign Language Fellows Program

Top Universities for Area Planning Engineering in Germany

You can be assured that you will receive a high-quality education when getting admission to area planning engineering since the German education system is among the best in the world. However, students should check their eligibility for area planning engineering before filling out applications. Furthermore, Germany has some of the world's best research institutions and you'll have access to all the latest advances in area planning engineering when you study here. University education in Germany is among the best in the world. If you are an international student looking to study abroad, Germany should be at the top of your list. The faculty and research facilities at German universities are of the highest quality for international students. Engineering fields are particularly affected by this.

The following German universities offer bachelors degrees in area planning engineering:

  • Aachen University of Applied Sciences

  • Technical University of Dortmund

  • Leibniz University Hannover

  • University of Stuttgart

  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

  • Technical University of Berlin

  • HafenCity University Hamburg

  • Technical University of Dortmund

  • Technical University of Applied Sciences Luebeck

  • Technical University of Berlin

  • University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart

  • Brandenburg University of Technology

  • RWTH Aachen University

  • Bauhaus University Weimar

  • Erfurt University of Applied Sciences

  • HafenCity University Hamburg

Admission Procedure

The students need to follow a specific admission procedure that will benefit them while taking other Area Planning Engineering programs from German universities. The procedure includes:

Counseling Session from the team  If you are getting worried about your admission process at German universities, then you should not be worried about this. The Anigdha counselling team will guide you through each step to apply to German universities.
Research about Universities If you have a preference for certain universities in Germany, then this is extremely wonderful. But if you haven't shortlisted any universities, then our team will guide you to make a wise choice by shortlisting a university that fits your career goals.
University Monitoring It is essential to monitor university application deadlines, eligibility criteria, documents, and so on. Students also need to submit the required application fees while applying for study area planning engineering programs at German universities.
Letter of invitation When your application is approved by a German university, we assist you with your visa application.
Visa and passport documents A visa application requires various documentation tasks. Our team members make sure about all the documents, and once your application for a visa gets processed, We assist you in planning out your finances for accommodation, food, and travel.

We also help students arrange the foreign exchange. Our expert assists in arranging for you to receive a letter of recommendation and statement of purpose for your study from German universities.


What role does an area planning engineer play?


Area planning engineers play a vital role in the development of an area. They are responsible for creating detailed plans that show how an area should be developed. This includes designing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

What can graduates do after completing their area planning engineering course?


There are many opportunities for advancement for area planning engineers. With experience and education, they can move into supervisory or management positions where they would be responsible for overseeing entire projects or teams of engineers. Some may even choose to become self-employed consultants.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an area planning engineer?


An area planning engineer is a professional who oversees the development of land for residential, commercial, and industrial use. They work with architects, builders, contractors, and other professionals to create detailed plans that reflect the needs of the community.

What skills do students need to become area planning engineers?


Area planning engineers are responsible for the layout and design of a city or town. They must have a range of skills in order to carry out their job effectively. For example, they must be able to perform complex mathematical calculations in order to create accurate designs. In addition, they must have experience in project management so that they can handle multiple projects simultaneously without running into any problems.

What career prospects are available to students graduating from area planning engineering in Germany?


Area planning engineers have rewarding careers that offer excellent prospects for future growth. They enjoy being able to see their work come to fruition as new neighborhoods and communities take shape around them.

Why should international students study area planning engineering in Germany?


Germany has an excellent education system which is ranked among the best in the world. The universities and colleges offer a wide range of courses and programs, and the teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced. In addition, the cost of living in Germany is relatively low compared to other countries. This makes it affordable for students to live here while they study.

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